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Breast implants Birmingham (uplift with implants)

Mastopexy/augmentation surgery


The main reason breasts become droopy is a combination of volume loss, combined with poor quality skin and breast tissue which stretches more easily. As a result, breasts can sag following pregnancy, weight loss or through natural ageing.

Patients often assume that larger breast implants will help achieve a fuller, more pert profile. However, the larger the implants, the heavier they are and the more they pull the breast downwards, resulting in a larger but droopier breast.

If you are considering having an operation to improve sagging breasts, there are two things you should consider:


  • To achieve a BIGGER breast, you need to insert a breast implant (or transfer fat to the breast).
  • To achieve a PERTER breast, you need to tighten the breast skin (using a mastopexy, or breast uplift).


Breast implants and uplifts are carried out by me at one of three hospitals around the Birmingham area.


The breast uplift solution

A breast uplift operation tightens the skin, which means that initially, breasts appear nice and full. However, about six months after surgery, the breast skin and tissues relax a little. As a result, the upper part of the breast empties as the breast tissue drops.

The best way to achieve overall fullness is to combine the mastopexy with breast enlargement.


Two operations

A mastopexy breast augmentation is two procedures. These procedures can either be done separately six months apart, or they can be combined and done in a single operation.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both.


Single operation


  • Cost – If they are done as a single procedure it works out approx. 20% cheaper for one of the two procedures.
  • Single recovery – As a single procedure, there is only one period of downtime and recovery.
  • Risk – there is a slightly higher risk of tension and swelling which can lead to complications. To help avoid any such complications, I would not create such a pert breast as I could safely achieve with a two-stage operation.


Two-staged operation


  • You have the chance to see the results of the first procedure before deciding whether you want to go ahead with the second. Sometimes the patient is so happy that there is no need to proceed with the second part.


Find out more about breast uplift or read about breast enlargement.



Recovery for combined breast augmentation, uplift and enlargement operation would be similar to the recovery for the procedures when done individually.


Follow up

You will be seen by my Cosmetic Nurse one week after the procedure.

I will see you six weeks after your operation to assess progress and again six months later for a final check-up.


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Mr Guy D. Sterne
MB, ChB, FRCS, MD, FRCS (Plast)
Consultant Plastic Surgeon