Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery information

There are lots of reasons women choose to have breast surgery.

For some, it’s simply a matter of disliking the breasts they were born with, for others they may have seen significant changes to the size or shape of their natural breasts and want to regain or improve their original form.

Whatever the reason you’re considering a operation, it’s really important to understand what each procedure can achieve, what’s involved in the operation and what the likely outcome will be.

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To achieve fuller, larger breasts, a simple breast augmentation may be all that’s needed. See my breast enlargement Birmingham and breast fat transfer surgery pages for further information.

For women with droopy breasts, see this breast lift Birmingham page. This type of procedure will tighten the skin and lift and reshape the breasts.

If the breasts are also small, then you need to see my breast implants Birmingham pages. Implant can be inserted at the same time as the uplift to achieve a fuller, perter breast.

For women with large or uneven breasts, breast tissue may need to be removed and other re-construction work carried out. There is lots of detail provided in my breast reduction Birmingham procedure page.

For more unusual problems – such as Tubular breast and Asymmetry surgery or Poland Syndrome, there are various surgical options that can vastly improve the way breasts look.


Breast surgeon experience

I have carried out thousands of different breast operations in my 20 years of surgical experience and always aim to give my patients natural looking breasts with minimal scarring wherever possible.

During your consultation, I will talk through how you want your breasts to look and discuss the options available to achieve this.

I will always give you my honest opinion on what you can hope to achieve and what procedures you should consider.


Cosmetic surgery information

Breast surgery is relatively safe, but you should be aware of the general risks of undergoing surgery. There’s plenty of information about all the associated risks here.

If you’re considering changing the way your breasts look, take a look at the different procedures I offer and get in touch if you’d like to talk through your options.

Mr Guy D. Sterne
MB, ChB, FRCS, MD, FRCS (Plast)
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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30 Years of experience working in the NHS.
Today, I focus on my private practice and specialise in all types of breast surgery.

Guy Sterne.

Reviews of Guy

Cheria Wild
“I cannot praise this highly skilled man enough. From my first consultation I knew that Mr Sterne was the surgeon for me”. Read more…

“I underwent plastic surgery in the form of FTM chest reconstruction (familiarly known as ‘top surgery’) with Mr Guy Sterne at West Midlands Hospital in Halesowen, near Birmingham, just under a year ago, and I could not have had a better experience”. Read more…

Michelle Haley
“I couldn’t recommend Mr Guy Sterne enough. I had visited 4 surgeons before meeting with Mr Sterne to talk about the procedures I finally underwent – Full tummy tuck and Bilateral breast reduction, but had not been comfortable enough to commit to the surgery with any of them. I knew almost instantly that Mr Sterne would finally be the surgeon I chose.” Read more…

Recent patient with Tuberous Breast Correction

Watch this video to find out what patients say about how I’ve helped them achieve the breasts they’ve always wanted

Testimonial video from former patients of Guy Sterne, who discuss their experience of cosmetic surgery and breast surgery.