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Breast uplift, (mastopexy) Birmingham

What is a breast uplift and who will it help?


Women who have droopy breasts – often as a result of weight loss, having children, breastfeeding or just through ageing – can benefit from a breast uplift.

Also known as a mastopexy, a breast uplift is an operation to lift and reshape breasts by removing excess skin and lifting the remaining breast tissue to give a fuller, more pert appearance.



What kind of breasts can be improved through a breast uplift surgery?

It’s difficult to do a breast uplift on a very small breast like an A or small B cup, so if the breast is very small and droopy, a breast augmentation may be a better choice.

Occasionally, I may recommend a combination of breast enlargement AND uplift to give you the results you want.

We will talk through all the options during your consultation, to make sure you understand each procedure and can make an informed decision about your surgery to get the look you want. Surgery is performed at one of three hospitals in Birmingham either Nuffield, South Bank or West Midlands.


How will my new breasts look?

Although your breasts will stay the same size, they will look and feel firmer and perter, because the skin will be tighter around the breast tissue.

Breast uplift surgery can’t change the actual quality of your breast tissue and skin. So, if you have thin, wrinkly skin before surgery – then it will still be thin but will be slightly less wrinkly after surgery.

It will be six months before your new breasts settle and you can judge the final results of your operation.

At first, they will be swollen and tight. You will probably love them, but don’t get too excited just yet! As the swelling settles, they will soften and drop a little.

I have lots of very happy patients who love their new breasts – Visit my breast surgery consultation page to hear what some of them have to say.


How is the operation done?

The operation is done under a general anaesthetic so you will sleep through the whole procedure.

The nipple is not removed from your breast, it is just lifted upwards and the skin is then reduced, repositioned and reshaped.

I will check that your breasts are even before removing any excess skin.


Will I have a visible scar?

There are three possible scars with a breast uplift:

  • A scar around your areola (also known as a circumareolar or doughnut lift)
  • A scar around your areola AND a vertical scar (also known as a lollipop scar)
  • A scar around your areola AND a vertical scar AND a scar under your breast (also known as an anchor scar).

The type of scar you have depends on the amount of droop you have. To achieve a smaller scar, I can only give a small degree of lift. So, if you want considerably more lift, your scar will be larger too.

The skin under your breasts will initially look rather wrinkly. Don’t worry about this, it’s perfectly normal and will usually disappear over the next six weeks.


How long is the operation?

A breast uplift operation usually takes about 2-3 hours.


How long will I be in the hospital?

Most women having a breast uplift stay in hospital overnight and go home the next day.


How will I look and feel after the op?

You may feel uncomfortable after surgery, but you will be given regular painkillers to help keep you comfortable.

You will need to bring a sports bra to the theatre so the nurses can put it on after your surgery. (I will explain all about this in your consultation.) You should wear the bra before leaving the hospital and limit arm movements in the first couple of weeks.


What happens after the op?

We will give you written information explaining what to expect after your operation.
You will have an appointment with my cosmetic nurse a week after your operation to have your wounds checked.  At this appointment, you’ll also be given advice on wound care, bathing and exercise.

You will see me six weeks after your operation to check progress and again six months later for a final visit.

Will a mastopexy operation cause breast cancer?

Breast uplift surgery does not increase your risk of developing breast cancer.

Will a breast uplift operation affect my ability to feel or detect breast cancer?

Breast uplift will not affect your ability to feel or detect breast cancer. Your breasts will feel different after your operation, so you should allow six weeks for them to properly heal and then start to inspect your breasts again. There will be some internal scarring and lumpiness, which is normal. The important thing is to learn what ‘normal’ is for you after you have healed from your operation. With regular self-examination you should be looking for any change from this new ‘normal’.

What are the possible risks of breast uplift surgery?

Breast uplift surgery is a relatively safe procedure, but there are some risks specifically associated with this operation:

  • Wrinkling is common and normal after a breast uplift but sometimes it persists
  • Very occasionally (5%) small folds of skin remain after the operation. These can be cut out under local anaesthetic
  • Nipple loss occurs in very rare cases – approximately one in 4,000.

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